Broadcast Graphics Package

Need some lower thirds? How about some "versus" bars? TenTon Raygun has you covered!

The "Broadcast GFX" vj loop plugins include "Lower Thirds" which allows you to display a title & subtitle graphics and editable text , "News Crawl" which allows you to create a animated scrolling text display, and "Versus Bar", which allows you to add video-game styled "lifebars" to your visuals. Spice up your visuals set with this set of broadcast graphics!
NOTE: Resolume v6 DOES NOT support flash based loops.

Each plugin allows you to choose from up to 12 different broadcast graphics styles with different font colors, thumbnails, and various animations.

3-loop bundle: $22

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You even can toggle the graphics display to hide the premade lower thirds and use your own! Use the MAIN X, MAIN Y, SUB X and SUB Y sliders in Resolume to position the text exactly where you want on your custom lower thirds art!

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