Image Slideshow for Resolume

Sick of having to build an image slideshow by rendering video every time you want to create a sequence of images? The Image Slideshow Plugin is for you!

It includes two image slideshow plugins: "SlideshowEntry" which allows you to enter image paths into the plugin at realtime to allow you to create a slideshow for Resolume on-the-fly as a resolume vj loop, and "SlideshowList" which allows you to create a playlist of images that the plugin will create a slideshow from.

You can scale the slideshow images to fit the screen with the aspect ratio-- perfect for a slideshow of differently sized logos! Or, you can stretch the slides to fit the screen-- perfect for textures and abstract patterns!

You can even load images from webpages by copy and pasting the image URL!
NOTE: Resolume v6 DOES NOT support flash based loops.

2-loop bundle: $18

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Use the included .bat file to create the image index of ALL the images in a single folder. Client dump a bunch of jpgs on you last minute? No worries! Run the .bat file and Resolume will do the rest!

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