Ultra Abstract

Use Resolume Avenue to modify rotation, frame rate, and more! Abstract shapes are vector based so you can resize to fit any resolution that your video rig can handle!
NOTE: Resolume v6 DOES NOT support flash based loops.

4-loop bundle


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  • ultra_diamonds

    Ultra Diamonds

    Black and white, rotating diamonds!
  • ultra_squares

    Ultra Squares

    Boxes that move, rotate, with a difference blend!
  • ultra_triangles

    Ultra Triangles

    Do you wish you had some triangles? Here you go!
  • ultra_circles

    Ultra Circles

    Need some circles? These circles act crazy!

Jumping City Scapes– AS2

Includes “City of Lights” and the “City that Never Sleeps.” Use Resolume Version 2 parameters to manipulate speed, rotation, jump height and rate!

Use promo code: CityScapesPromo for 100% off!

4-loop bundle

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  • jump_build_paris

    Paris Cityscape

    Make the City of Lights dance like a chicken!

  • jump_build_shanghai

    Shanghai Cityscape

    Kickin it in China? Rock out with the famous skyline from Yangshan Harbor!

  • jump_build_nyc

    NYC Cityscape

    Get the city to bouncin!

  • jump_build_egypt

    Egypt Cityscape

    Dancing, bouncing pyramids!

Flash Electric Abstract– AS2

Use Resolume Version 2 parameters to modify rotation and color!

Use promo code: ElectricAbstractPromo for 100% off!

5-loop bundle

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  • stryper_ultra

    Stryper Ultra

    Need some stripes? Crooked stripes? Here you go!

  • ultra_circles

    Circles Ultra

    Sometimes stripes aren’t enough– try circles!

  • ultra_triangles

    Triangles Ultra

    The power of the triangle must not be underestimated.

  • gabbo_squares_ultra

    Gabbo Squares Ultra

    Boxes AND Circles? Preposterous!

  • gabbo_ultra

    Gabbo Ultra

    Made from a hazy memory of the first flash website I ever saw.

Flash Abstract Attack– AS2

Simple, standalone, looping animation! No external control necessary! Random boxes, sine waves, and aggressive stepped jaggedy wave stripes!

Use promo code: AbstractAttackPromo for 100% off!

5-loop bundle

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  • concentric_attack

    Concentric Circles

    Need some circles? These circles act crazy!

  • crazy_boxes_overlap

    Crazy boxes

    Need some boxes? Need boxes that overlap and spin? You have come to the right place!

  • triumph


    Slender lines, masked-off boxes– opening credits for a 70s detective TV show.

  • benderwave

    Bender Waves

    Sine waves that turn into barbells!

  • stryper


    Stripes that move upward relentlessly.

Slanted text plugin for twitter feed

Text Attack for Resolume– AS2

Add any text to Resolume Avenue 3/4–control font size, letting, tracking, alignment, and more! Use sliders or MIDI hardware to set font sizes, font align (left, right, or center), font styles, letting and tracking.

Some of these loops feature “typewriter” style text, where the characters appear one at a time, as if it’s being typed. Don’t like black text on white boxes? These loops also feature a “toggle B/W” function to get plain white text on a black background– perfect for compositing!

4-loop bundle

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  • TextTypewriter

    Typewriter Text

    Text that appears letter by letter, as if it’s being typed!

  • TextCrazyBoxes

    Text in Crazy Boxes

    Text appears and disappears, sometimes in crazy boxes!

  • TextStripeSlide

    Sliding Text

    Your text slides in boxes from left to right

  • TextSlant

    Slanted Text

    Text that scrolls down diagonally