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This vj loop lets you display a twitter feed in resolume! Use Resolume Avenue or Arena to subscribe to any Twitter @name or perform a #hashtag search and mix it with your visuals! Build a branded vj set or keep a constant update for the audience to participate in. All twitter functions are linked to the Resolume dashboard! Enter any working Twitter @name or #search to display Twitter data! Text isn't much good if you can't format it--use sliders or MIDI hardware to set font sizes, font align (left, right, or center), font styles, letting and tracking. Choose between sliding animations, zooms, auto-retyping, and more!
NOTE: Resolume v6 DOES NOT support flash based loops.

NOTE: This plugin has been rebuilt to use the standardized OAuth authorization protocols with the Twitter API 1.1!

8-loop bundle: $25

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  • TextSlant
    Twitter Crawl
    Simple single tweet that moves from left to right
  • twitterZoom
    Twitter Default
    Simple Twitter box styled to look like the standard Twitter display
  • TextCrazyBoxes
    Twitter News Feed
    Tweets styled to look like a news feed
  • TextStripeSlide
    Twitter Slide
    Twitter text boxes that slide from left to right
  • TextTypewriter
    Twitter Typewriter
    Text that appears letter by letter, as if it's being typed!
  • twitterZoom
    Twitter Zoom
    Single tweet that zooms from small to large
  • TextCrazyBoxes
    Twitter Boxes
    Twitter feeds in random boxes
  • TextSlant
    Twitter Scroll
    Text that scrolls down diagonally

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