VideoPong Viewer

Load VideoPong videos directly into your Resolume Avenue interface! Simply copy a VideoPong URL from the address bar of your browser into the Resolume control panel and you're good to go!

Use all your favorite Resolume FX with any VideoPong video! Layer any footage and apply blends, masks, alphas, RGB channels, resizes, etc. All timeline functions are linked to the Resolume dashboard! Use sliders or MIDI hardware to play, pause, set in/out points, scrub the timeline, or adjust the volume of your VideoPong video live!

What is videopong? Videopong is a community dedicated to expanding and connecting the world of VJs and video art. It is a hub to share not only video clips, but everything behind the visuals: source code, interactive patches, executables, and more. Check it out here:

VideoPong Viewer Plug-in: $20

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View Cart Note: At this time, VideoPong only has Resolume support for SD resolution videos.

In the spirit of the VideoPong community, TenTonRaygun is offering a 100% DISCOUNT ON THIS PLUGIN when you contribute $5.00 or more to the VideoPong FundRazer campaign! For more information, check out their campaign page:

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