Slanted text plugin for twitter feed

Text-Attack: Real Time Resolume Text

This vj loop lets you add any text to Resolume Avenue in real time --control resolume text font size, letting, tracking, alignment, and more! This vj loop lets you use sliders or MIDI hardware to set font sizes, font align (left, right, or center), font styles, letting and tracking in your Resolume text display. Show any text such as DJ names, shout-outs, or branded messaging on-the-fly and in real-time! Some font sets (but not all-- fonts are a major headache) include special characters as well as accents such as "Á, É, Í, Ó, Ú, Ñ, Ü, á, é, í, ó ú, ñ, ü, A ó, ò, ñ,ç, ¿, ß, ¢, £, ¥,&, ©, §,Â".

Some of these loops feature "typewriter" style resolume text, where the characters appear one at a time, as if it's being typed. Don't like black text on white boxes? These loops also feature a "toggle B/W" function to get plain white text on a black background-- perfect for compositing!
NOTE: Resolume v6 DOES NOT support flash based loops.

4-loop bundle: $15

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  • TextTypewriter
    Text Typewriter
    Text that appears letter by letter, as if it's being typed!
  • twitterZoom
    Text Zoom
    Whatever you type zooms from small to large!
  • TextCrazyBoxes
    Text Boxes
    Text feeds in random boxes
  • TextStripeSlide
    Text Slide
    Text boxes that slide from left to right