Youtube Player for Resolume

Now you can load YouTube videos directly into your Resolume Avenue deck just like any other vj loop! How many times do you have a client run up to you in the middle of a set and demand to "show some of my marketing logo videos on YouTube?" More often than you'd like, I'm sure.

Simply copy a YouTube URL from the address bar of your browser into the Resolume control panel and you're good to go! Turn Resolume into your own personal YouTube player!

The YouTube player for Resolume lets you use all your favorite Resolume effects! Layer any footage and apply blends, masks, alphas, RGB channels, resizes, color correction, and more. All timeline functions are linked to the Resolume dashboard, so you can use the native UI sliders or the MIDI hardware of your choice to play, pause, set in/out points, scrub the timeline, or adjust the volume of your YouTube video live! Use the in/outpoints to create a seamless loop of any video you chose.

Use the "show info" toggle to bring up information about the video-- some videos are hidden or ad-enabled, the YouTube player for Resolume plays videos without those annoying popup ads or Interstitials.

YouTube Player Plug-in: $20

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NOTE: This utility will only run non-commercial YouTube videos. YouTube reserves the right to change their usage terms at any time, without notice. For more information, go to


As of 2/01/2016 Google will be migrating to the iFrame API from the Flash API.

Although this utility will continue to run in Resolume Avenue/Arena 4 and 5, YouTube may remove video service from the API at ANY TIME, rendering the plugin unusable. For this reason, TenTon Raygun will be unable to guarantee support for this plugin in the future.
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    • It’s working fine for me– just tested in the most current version of Arena.

      Be sure to make sure that you have the most current version of the Flash plug-in installed on your machine– go to to download the most current version. Keep in mind that there can sometimes be issues with Resolume not being able to support a newer/older/current version of Flash– check the documentation for your version of Resolume for more information on playing Flash loops, and which version of the Flash plug-in that it supports.

      WINDOWS ONLY: You should also make sure that the Flash plugin SPECIFICALLY FOR INTERNET EXPLORER is the most current as well– for some reason Resolume really likes the IE version of flash to be the most updated.

      In addition, make sure that your version of Resolume is the most current– many bug fixes can be accomplished by having the most up-to-date version.

      If none of these things work, you may be using an older version of the plugin. PM me your transaction number for your purchase and I’ll check your version.

  1. Ah man, this looked like the perfect solution for what I’m planning to do.
    What do you think the chances are of you finding a new way to make this work?

    • We’re looking into building a Processing-to-Resolume plugin, but there’s a lot of barriers to make it work. Basically Google doesn’t want anyone running YouTube clips anywhere besides the browser, which is problematic for a ton of reasons (as you can imagine).

    • All our loops have been tested on Resolume Avenue/Arena 4 and 5.

      All purchases come in the form of a digital download. Once your online payment is complete, you will be given a link where you can download a .zip file containing the loop files and a README file— unzip and enjoy!

  2. As of 2/01/2016 Google has completely migrated to the iFrame API from the Flash API.

    Although this utility will continue to run in Resolume Avenue/Arena 4 and 5, YouTube’s flash API NO LONGER PULLS VIDEOS from its service, rendering the plugin unusable. We’re still working on getting a Processing to Resolume solution up and running.

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