Video Mapping at the Skylight Modern, NYC

Video mapping installation for Epson's "Epson Experience" product launch event at the Skylight Modern in NYC. It features real-time color mixing using an iPad to control video "ink spray" in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black.

Thanks to the Ark Endeavors and Power Posse Productions crews for their help in making the installation come together under a hectic schedule, Vivid Vision for supplying their awesome media server rig, and Adela Kriland from Omagica for the fantastic 3D tweaks in Watchout to get the ink bottle geometry just right!

Lip Synch Text

The Lip Synch Text flash plugin allows you to render a real-time face, mouth, or portrait that "speaks" your text as you type it!

The default is a set of lips, but you can pick from a preset selection of faces or even add in your own! Use special characters such as "#" to add special facial expressions for added realism and pronunciation.
NOTE: Resolume v6 DOES NOT support flash based loops.

5-loop bundle:
FREE beta access with coupon code LipSynchBeta

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    Talking Trump
    Put words in the mouth of everyone's favorite orange television personality!
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    Basic Lips
    Coming Soon!
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    Putin Power
    Toggle between the orange fella and Putin to show their bromance!
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    Merkel Madness
    Coming Soon!
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    Blair Bonanza
    Coming Soon!
For a limited time only, we're including a Trump Twitter Feed viewer! Type in any @search or #hashtag to get the lip-synched readout of those tweets! Click the video below to see a demo.
Trump Talk
Trump Talk
Trump Talk
Trump Talk