Broadcast Graphics Package

Need some lower thirds? How about some "versus" bars? TenTon Raygun has you covered!

The "Broadcast GFX" vj loop plugins include "Lower Thirds" which allows you to display a title & subtitle graphics and editable text , "News Crawl" which allows you to create a animated scrolling text display, and "Versus Bar", which allows you to add video-game styled "lifebars" to your visuals. Spice up your visuals set with this set of broadcast graphics!

Each plugin allows you to choose from up to 12 different broadcast graphics styles with different font colors, thumbnails, and various animations.

3-loop bundle: $22

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You even can toggle the graphics display to hide the premade lower thirds and use your own! Use the MAIN X, MAIN Y, SUB X and SUB Y sliders in Resolume to position the text exactly where you want on your custom lower thirds art!

Image Slideshow for Resolume

Sick of having to build an image slideshow by rendering video every time you want to create a sequence of images? The Image Slideshow Plugin is for you!

It includes two image slideshow plugins: "SlideshowEntry" which allows you to enter image paths into the plugin at realtime to allow you to create a slideshow for Resolume on-the-fly as a resolume vj loop, and "SlideshowList" which allows you to create a playlist of images that the plugin will create a slideshow from.

You can scale the slideshow images to fit the screen with the aspect ratio-- perfect for a slideshow of differently sized logos! Or, you can stretch the slides to fit the screen-- perfect for textures and abstract patterns!

You can even load images from webpages by copy and pasting the image URL!

2-loop bundle: $18

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Use the included .bat file to create the image index of ALL the images in a single folder. Client dump a bunch of jpgs on you last minute? No worries! Run the .bat file and Resolume will do the rest!

Countdown Timer Plugin

Got a New Year's Eve gig coming up? Need to run some countdown graphics? The Countdown Timer Flash vj loop Plug-in for Resolume is for you!

It builds a numerical countdown animation with any length of time you specify (in seconds) and any countdown speed you like. The default speed is one second so you can easily synch with a clock. For super precision, you can use the ComputerClockTimer to synch to your workstation's internal clock.

You can pause, reverse, and loop the timer, and there are multiple animation modes and time data types-- from a basic, no frills number to timecode (hours, minutes, seconds, miliseconds) and even an old-school movie countdown-style animation. Perfect for your New Year's Eve live sets!

5-loop bundle: $20

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  • thumb_timecode
    Timecode Timer
    Count down the time with hour, minutes, seconds, and miliseconds!
  • thumb_timecode
    Computer Clock Timer
    Sometimes Flash or Rez can "rush" or "drag" your framerate. This plugin locks to your computer clock and counts down til midnight!
  • thumb_simple_countdown
    Simple Countdown
    Basic, simple countdown timer for your Resolume set!
  • thumb_movie_countdown
    Movie Style Timer
    Add some retro class to your countdown with olde fashioned movie leader animation!
  • thumb_movie_countdown
    Zoom Countdown
    Each count "Zooms" away from the camera for extra oomph!