This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) guide is in three (3) parts:


1) "How do I use my Flash video loop in my video project?"
TenTonRaygun Flash video loops are designed to be standalone animations, or can be used with other VJ software such as Resolume. To use with Resolume, load your .swf file into your deck. Open the "variables" or "text" window, and use the slider controls to change color, movement, or text. Experiment with toggling between the Resolume and Flash timeline for unpredictable results. Get crazy!!!

Note: Not all VJ software supports passing data to, or even playing, the Flash plugin. Consult your VJ software documentation for more information.
NOTE: Resolume v6 DOES NOT support flash based loops.
2) "My plugins (Text loops, Twitter Viewer, YouTube Viewer, etc) aren't playing or displaying in Resolume. What gives? PLEASE HELP!"
Be sure to make sure that you have the most current version of the Flash plug-in installed on your machine-- go to http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/. to download the most current version. Keep in mind that there can sometimes be issues with Resolume not being able to support a newer/older/current version of Flash-- check the documentation for your version of Resolume for more information on playing Flash loops, and which version of the Flash plug-in that it supports.

WINDOWS ONLY: You should also make sure that the Flash plugin SPECIFICALLY FOR INTERNET EXPLORER is the most current as well-- for some reason Resolume really likes the IE version of flash to be the most updated.

In addition, make sure that your version of Resolume is the most current-- many bug fixes can be accomplished by having the most up-to-date version.
3) "I purchased a FFGL Processing video loop (FFGL CountdownTimer, Generative Box Grid, etc) and I can't run them in Resolume, what gives?"
You need to make sure that your system meets the requirements:
(1) PC running at least Windows 7 64 bit, ATI Radeon HD 5000 series or better. NVIDIA GeForce 210 or better. 256MB of VRAM, 2GB RAM (these are the minimum system requirements for Resolume)
(2) Processing 64 bit. To download the free Processing programming environment go here: https://processing.org/download/?processing

In addition, Processing requires the JAVA Runtime Environment/JAVA Virtual Machine (JVM) in order to run. If your system has disabled JAVA or it is unable to run it, your plugins will not work.
3) Spout Controller plugin. Download the free Spout Controller plugin here: https://github.com/leadedge/SpoutControls/releases

It's possible that your graphics card is mis-configured. Spout requires you to assign a dedicated graphics video card to Resolume, not your integrated graphics card.

Go here for more info about graphics driver issues:
For general Spout support go here:
4) "How do I change the size of my Processing to FFGL loop in realtime?"
To change the resolution of your sketches/plugins, open up the .pde file of the plugin you want to change (for instance, BlueBoxGrid.pde in the "GenerativeGridMesh/BlueBoxGrid" folder) in the Processing editing environment.
Go to line 91 (or so) in the sketch and look for this line of code:
//////////// size(1920, 1080, P3D); ////////////
This sets the width and height and 3D environment of your processing sketch on launch. Simply change those width and heights to whatever you like. BE SURE to back up your plugin beforehand-- if you write bad code, accidentally delete all sizes or 3D environments, or nuke the entire codebase your sketch will be unable to run and may crash Resolume. You can change these sizes while in the middle of a set, although if you try to set your sketch at a very high resolution (4k or 8k) performance may suffer.
4) "When I run my Processing to FFGL loop it launches a duplicate window in front of my work area!"
This is a result of the way Spout pushes screen data into Resolume-- it "copies" the pixels from the Processing sketch into the Spout plug-in using video memory on your graphics card. You'll notice that if you close or minimize the window the plugin will pause-- this is because it has stopped sending data to Resolume. Instead of closing these windows, simply put them "behind" the Resolume deck or move them off-screen.
5) "I put the Processing-to-FFGL loops (Generative Curve Sweep, Generative Box Grid, etc) into my "vfx" folder and nothing is happening, what gives?"
You have to make sure that the Open Source Spout Controller.dll file is included in the plugin files. Download and Unzip the Spout Controller plugin (https://github.com/leadedge/SpoutControls), open up the Spout- Box folder (SpoutControls/PROCESSING/x64/SpoutBox/) and and copy the SpoutController.dll into EACH Generative Mesh Grid plugin folder(s).

The Generative Particle Sweeps WILL NOT WORK unless they have the SpoutController.dll in them! For more info, refer to the README file included with your download.
6) "Every time I load up a Flash loop Resolume crashes unexpectedly. Is there something wrong with Resolume's Flash plugin?"
Some versions of the Flash plug-in (version 11, released in early 2012 with Adobe Flash CS6) have a known bug that causes Resolume to crash. You'll have to update to the most current version of the Flash plug-in. To fix this problem, uninstall Flash Player 11 and re-install player 10.4. Instructions on how to do this can be found HERE. For more info, check out the Resolume forum post here.
7) "I can't get the set in and out points to work in the YouTube Viewer Plugin-- is there a problem with certain YouTube videos?"
The in and out points do work, it may be that you are setting them in a place "outside" the playhead of the YouTube movie. Keep in mind that the "scrubber" in the YouTube Video Player plugin doesn't reflect the position of the YouTube video timeline-- it just controls it. For instance, it won't move as the timeline moves. Since Resolume doesn't allow Flash to control Resolume interface elements from inside Flash, there's no way to indicate on the Resolume timeline where the playhead is in the YouTube video timeline.

My preferred method of using the in/out points is to load the video and let it play through once to make sure the entire video is cached, use the scrubber to find the section of video I want, and then set the in and out points aound the position of the scrubber.
8) "With the YouTube Viewer Plugin, I've been using the speed slider on the video clip timeline, but it doesn't affect the speed of the YouTube video. What gives?"
The "speed" feature doesn't work since it is a Resolume Avenue 3 timeline control, not one generated from inside the YouTube Video Mixer plug-in. The "speed" actually controls the Resolume timeline for the current video clip-- since the YouTube Player uses the YouTube timeline, Resolume can't "see" or control the speed. Hopefully in Resolume 4 this functionality will be expanded.
9) "Using the YouTube Viewer Plugin, if I record in resolume it doesn't record the audio from youtube - is this a bug with the player?"
I'm aware of the audio issue, and unfortunately Resolume only listens to audio that is coming from a Quicktime or AVI video clip. I'm not sure why it doesn't record the YouTube video but not the audio, I have tried "mixing" the audio with other clips and it will record one audio track but not the other one. Right now there's no way to "send" the audio from inside flash to Resolume, which may be the only workaround for this issue.
10) "Using the YouTube Viewer Plugin, sometimes if I trigger a different clip I can't get the youtube player clip to work again. Sometimes I have to hit return at the end of the address, or > toggle the play button, but sometimes I need to delete the player instance in order to play a different video. What's happening?"
The issue with the YouTube Video Player plugin not "refreshing" or needing to be deleted when changing clips has to do with the way Resolume caches Flash to free up memory. I have programmed the player to "flush" out the old video when entering in a new video link, but my understanding is that Rez will use an old "instance" of the YouTube Video Player plugin if it's running low on memory, even though you have changed/updated the video that the YouTube Video Player is loading. Your method of toggling play/pause or deleting the plugin will work, although I've found that simply playing a different (non-flash) clip on that layer, clearing the YouTube Video plugin from the currently playing clip, or even just changing the deck will work to clear the old video from memory as well.
11) "Sometimes when I'm using the Twitter Viewer, it will stop showing Tweets after a half hour or so and give me a message 'Check Your Internet Connection/Twitter feed not found'. What's going on?"
The TenTon Raygun Twitter viewer makes one Twitter feed request a minute. The Twitter API has a request limit of 150 per hour from the same ISP, so if you've been running 3 different layers of Twitter feed in Resolume that's 180 requests an hour (roughly), and you may have exceeded your limit. In addition, if you've exported/started/stopped the Twitter viewer multiple times, or are simultaneously running the Twitter Viewer from your desktop AND from the Flash IDE, you may have exceeded your limit. Wait an hour and try again. This is an issue with the Twitter API and how it manages request traffic.
12) "My Flash loops that have a text field (Text loops, Twitter Viewer, YouTube Viewer, etc) reset the default text box every time I switch decks or close Resolume."
Be sure to save the current clip or composition when you change data in the text box, and when you change decks it will remember your previous setting.
13) "When I previewed my Flash AS2 loops on the TenTon Raygun site, there was a control panel in the video loop-- when I look at my download the control panel isn't there. What's up?"
The control panel is only there for preview purposes on the TenTon Raygun site-- it mimics the functionality of Resolume with the flash loop. If for whatever reason you want to use it, it's still there off-stage-- just open up Flash and move it back onto the stage. It won't interfere with any interactivity or performance.
14) "The GIF PARTICLES PLUGIN won't let me control the framerate of the GIF in Resolume... PlZ HELP"
If you want to framesynch your GIF in resolume, simply run the gif in the plugin, and record in Rez for a couple seconds. This gives you a nice video file with transparency and full Resolume playback control so you can synch with the beat. It's also a great technique to convert a lot of gifs quickly.

This is unfortunately because of the way Flash and Resolume communicate, and the way Flash handles its own timeline for both animation and sprite control. As you can see in the demo video, the playback controls are not used at all for the GIF particles and player plugins.
14) "The GIF PARTICLES PLUGIN only displays a red color in Resolume... PlZ HELP"
With some recent MAC OS updates to "El Capitan", this GIF player will sometimes only render one color channel-- red. This bug DOES NOT affect any version of Windows or any other Mac OS.
It has been fixed since OSX 10.11.1, so make sure your current flash plugin is up to date as well as your operating system.

PresenTweetion FAQ

1) "What is PresenTweetion?"
PresenTweetion is a customizable presentation viewer for Twitter® designed to be used for events such as trade shows, corporate events, or music festivals. To use PresenTweetion, simply type in a keyword and it will display all related Tweets in presentation view.

This app is specifically built for use wherever you want to be able to display the social media reach of your brand without the clutter of a typical Twitter® client. It displays results full screen at 1024x768 with no navigation bar or control bars for an elegant and clean look, and with a iPad to HDMI or VGA adapter can be sent to any video projector or external monitor(s) that your iDevice supports. Check your iDevice's documentation for information on its output resolution.
2) "Why can't I send tweets?"
This app does not send Tweets, log in to a Twitter account, or update a Twitter® feed. It is not a Twitter® client, nor is it configured to "follow", "re-tweet" or perform any other functions associated with Twitter®.
3) "Why won't it display any tweets?"
Upon startup, the PresenTweetion app will check to see if there is an internet connection or WIFI present. If not, you will receive an error message advising you to connect your iDevice to the internet. If your iDevice is not able to connect to the internet, PresenTweetion will not work correctly. To initiate the Twitter feed, enter the name of the search term in the search box and click "GO!" PresenTweetion will display the most recent hundred (100) tweets associated with the search term.

If the term you enter in the search box does not return any results, the "Number of Tweets" display will read zero (0). No tweets are found and you will need to change your search terms and try again. Keep in mind that the Twitter® API has a limit of 150 requests per hour from the same ISP, so if you initiate more than 150 searches in one hour Twitter® will block your IP address. Once an hour has passed without exceeding the limit, the twitter feed will be available again. If you have multiple PresenTweetion twitter feeds on multiple devices using the same ISP running simultaneously, you may also exceed the Twitter® API request limit.
4) "What do the controls do?"
The "HELP" button brings up a list of frequently asked questions and topics. The "SETTINGS" button opens a dialog box that allows you to save your current configurations. The "HIDE" button minimizes the configuration interface and hides the top navigation. You may also minimize the configuration interface by swiping the button on the top middle of the configuration interface.
5) "How do I change colors?"
Use the "color wheel" to change your background and font colors. Click "Font Color" to begin applying "color wheel" styles to the fonts, and click "Background Color" to begin applying "color wheel" styles to the background color. By default the background color is selected.
6) "How do I add a background image?"
Click the "upload logo" button and browse the Photo Gallery for your iDevice. CineTweet will automatically position the image in the center of the display. The recommended image dimensions are 1024 pixels wide and 728 pixels high, saved as a .PNG, .JPG, or .GIF. Taking a picture with your mobile device may produce an image that is too big or the wrong format for CineTweet to import correctly. In addition, if your image has a transparent background (such as a .GIF or a .PNG) it may not display correctly due to the way iOS re-compresses images on import.
7) "How do I change animation speed?"
The "Speed" slider changes the rate of the animation. It affects both the transition speed between the tweets, as well as the length of time the tweet is visible.
8) "How do I change animation type?"
The "Animation Type" button allows you to change the way CineTweet transitions between tweets-- currently it supports fade-in or scrolling display. SHOW/HIDE PROFILE PICTURE: The "Show Pic" toggle will change the visibility of the user's profile picture.


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  1. sir/ madam
    just dad a payment towards countdown timer,,, how will you send me the plugins.

    Daniel lobo

    • All purchases come in the form of a digital download. Once your online payment is complete, you will be given a link where you can download a .zip file containing a .FLA, .SWF, .AS and a readme file— unzip and enjoy!

  2. i cant use anymore the generative mesh plugins, everything seems fine, i updated spout and everything its wotking as expected but this plugins, i can send and receive from spout , i downloaded and installed again the spoutcontroller.dll, new version of processing but nothing happens, i got this error in processing “could not run the sketch target VM failed to initialize”, just updated Java too, what could be wrong? thank you in advanced.

    • Hey Nexus, it’s probably some version of JAVA issue. I’ll take a look at it this week and see what’s up.

    • Ok, it seems to be working fine on my Windows8 system. I’ve gotten that issue when trying to run the plugin on Mac by accident (it’s PC only) since Spout uses PC specific function calls.

      I’ve also had problems when I forgot to set the Nvidia card as default for Processing– try setting both Processing and Resolume to use your GFX card, NOT your on-board Intel card (if you’re using a laptop). If you still are having issues fill out a trouble form at https://tentonraygun.com/contact/

  3. In August 2013 I effected the purchase of twittervier plug-ins for use in Resolume Arena 4.1.3.

    I’m currently testing the Resolume Arena 5.
    This plug-ins work in Resolume Arena 5?

    Of 2013 for this year there have been updates to the plugin? If there were as I update my?

    • These plugins have been tested with the most current versions of Resolume Avenue and Arena. The Twitter viewer has had a few updates since 2013, since the Twitter API has been changed to use OAuth two-factor authentication. You may need to upgrade your version of the Twitter viewer in order for it to work.

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