FFGL LipSynch Text

The FFGL Lip Synch Text plugin allows you to render a real-time face, mouth, or portrait that “speaks” your text as you type it! Put words in the mouth of everyone’s favorite orange television personality!

Use the special character “*” to do placeholder “pauses” while pulling a weird looking face!

The default is the current POTUS but more models will be coming soon.

1-loop bundle:
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Compatible with Resolume 6 and 7!
IMPORTANT! This plugin is designed to extend the functionality of Resolume and is NOT just a static video clip. Be informed! DO YOURSELF A FAVOR and read the FAQ or QUICKSTART guide, especially if migrating from Resolume 6 to Resolume 7.

System requirements (PC running at least Windows 7 64 bit, ATI Radeon HD 5000 series or better, NVIDIA GeForce 210 or better, 256MB of VRAM, 2GB RAM)
As always, TEST TEST TEST before a mission critical gig.
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