VJTK Visuals Toolkit

The VJTK Visuals Toolkit is a total solution to expanding the usability and features of Resolume! The VJTK includes every plugin that TenTon Raygun has to offer-- add GIF playback, Twitter feeds, YouTube players, countdown timers, slideshows, lower-thirds, text display, and more!

With a total of 12 separate plugin packages with a grand total of 60 plugins, the VJTK is the most bang for your buck that you can get.

If you buy each loop individually it will cost up to $250 USD in total, but the VJTK represents a 30% total savings with every plugin on the TenTon Raygun store, for only $175 USD.

12 Package bundle (60 plugins total): $175

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YouTube Player
Gif Player
Countdown Timer
Particle Sweep
Twitter Viewer
Broadcast Graphics
Generative Grid Mesh
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