Generative Particle Sweep

This vj loop generates swooping particle strands that you can control dynamically from inside Resolume! The Generative Particle Sweep uses Spout's "SpoutController" FFGL plugin (download here: Spout Controller) that compiles a Processing sketch into your Resolume deck at runtime!

With this package you can:
-- Change colors, speed, size, animation type, and thickness of your particle strands
-- Modify your particle sweeps using midi, osc, or any input from the Resolume dashboard!
-- Modify the 'canvas' size at runtime to fit any display configuration!

Skip to 2:35 in the video to see the plugin resizing to 5120x1080 during runtime!

Got a multi-projector gig where you need some 4k clips? You don't have to re-render a thing-- simply update the width and height and the Generative Particle Sweep plugin will recompile the Processing sketch and respawn the objects to fill your space at runtime.

10-loop bundle: $35

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IMPORTANT! This is a plugin designed to extend the functionality of Resolume and is NOT just a static video clip. Functions that work with your basic QT video loops may take some configuration in order to work on your system.

Be informed! DO YOURSELF A FAVOR and check out the FAQ before purchasing:
1) PC running at least Windows 7 64 bit, ATI Radeon HD 5000 series or better. NVIDIA GeForce 210 or better. 256MB of VRAM, 2GB RAM (these are the minimum system requirements for Resolume).

2) Processing 64 bit– important!! Download the free Processing programming environment here:

3) Spout Controller plugin. Download the free Spout Controller plugin here:
  • Red Curve Sweep
    Red Curve Sweep
    Fast red particles moving in smooth curved lines!
  • Thick Curve Sweep
    Thick Curve Sweep
    Thick and mushy swooping lines!
  • Hypno Particle Line
    Hypno Particle Line
    Horizontally arranged epilepsy inducing hypnotic particles
  • Pixels Particle Curve
    Pixels Particle Curve
    Delicate pixels curving gracefully!
  • Electric Particle Wall
    Electric Particle Wall
    Straight electric lines running horizonally!
  • Red Depth Grid Explode
    Green Sine Curve Sweep
    Rotating sine wave of green spots!
  • Pixels Under Water
    Pixels Under Water
    Sea-green and blue delicate spots floating in space!
  • Green Ooze Sweep
    Green Ooze Sweep
    Thick oozy green particles
  • Simple Smoke Sweep
    Simple Smoke Sweep
    Swooping and curving smoke trails!
  • Pink Spots Wall
    Pink Spots Wall
    Lots of flashing pink spots!

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