Ten Ton Raygun builds real-time data visualization tools, interactive and immersive and environments, and mobile enabled games and utilities. Custom hardware, unusual case design, or branded control panels? We can do that!

We've spent years building games that deliver clicks and eyeballs to whatever client needs them, using Facebook games, rich media branded apps, mobile and browser-based games, and even the occasional one-off arcade cabinet build.

We've made anything from open-world sandbox games, building-sized pinball games, interactive person-sized ink bottles, Home-Depot themed interactive applications, abstract underwater shooters, morality-based lawn and garden mobile games, games that allow you to drown your friends, even old standbys like pachinko and sudoku.

We've been playing video games since Pong first appeared on the scene, and have kept our skill levels sharp with the most current of independents and triple-A titles!

Most recently we're working on a physical therapy app using the Leap Motion controller for a gesture controlled interface, allowing the patient's doctor-recommended mobility exercises to be used to control the game!

SquidSynth VR Visualizer

SquidSynth is a music creation platform/stage set/DJ booth that functions as an interactive art installation. Working with James Blaha from ...
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Rokos Basilica

In September of 2016 we teamed up with the Metaverse Scholar's Club and produced Rokos Basilica, a mixed-reality video installation ...
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VR Tradeshow Booth for Vivid Vision

In early 2016 we were asked by Vivid Vision to design a tradeshow booth for their innovative Virtual Reality eye ...
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“Monty Hall” game for Applied Underwriters

Video game based on the old "Monty Hall" game (also known as "Three Card Monte") as a trade show booth ...
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Social Media User Tracker

This is a data visualization application for the Panda Express "fast-casual" restaurant chain. In conjunction with mobile and social media-based ...
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Visual Touch Therapy

VISUAL TOUCH THERAPY is a browser-based game that uses the Leap Motion gesture controller as an affordable, at-home therapy regimen ...
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TouchVisualizer for iPad

Touchscreen visualizer demo for iPad, uses ProcessingJS for the animation and jQuery mobile for the interface. You can control the ...
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Epson Planet

EPSON PLANET is a Java/Processing software app that features an interactive 3D globe with geolocated hot spots that play video ...
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Skecher’s Quiggly Dash

This project is a mobile-enabled “running game” to promote the “GoRun” line of running shoes for Skechers. It was intended ...
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PresenTweetion for iPad PresenTweetion is a customizable presentation viewer for Twitter® designed to be used for events such as trade ...
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