Teaser Trailer for ROCKAGE 2.0

Teaser trailer for Rockage 2015, a 3-day music and retro gaming festival in San Jose. We were tasked with handling video from multiple VJs, each with their own content and format challenges, and to service the occasional performer that had their own visuals they wanted to throw into the mix.

We also provided the visuals for The Megas (https://vimeo.com/119317907) and MegaRan (https://vimeo.com/119604758) which was a ton of fun!

You'll notice that none other than JCVD himself has a starring role in this teaser-- he graciously contributed through the Funny or Die Jean Claude Van Damme "Make My Movie Challenge" since we needed someone to kick the cats that shoot laser beams out of their eyes. And the giant bees.

KCRW Masquerade Ball

Video mixing for Dan Wilcox’s set at the KCRW Masquerade Ball in 2013. This is the first time with an Alienware rig with multi video output– 3096×1924 across two 5k (supposedly– more like 2.5k) projectors.

We were even able to do some feedback loops and live screencaps without any dropped frames.

Lila Downs Tour Visuals

This is a gig we did for the Lila Downs fall tour. It was super fun, the crew and team was amazing, and everyone was a blast to work with!

This was different than the standard EDM visuals gig where you can see the drop coming from about 10 minutes away... since all the songs were around 3-5 minutes, working with the Lighting Designer (what’s up Enrique!) to get the cues down between songs was crucial!

Epson Planet

EPSON PLANET is a Java/Processing software app that features an interactive 3D globe with geolocated hot spots that play video or display images. It was used in a staging, video, and interactive presentation setup for Epson’s annual sales meeting.

The application was synched to a custom iPad interface that controlled the globe rotation, size, background color, as well as video playback. As always, the challenge was to make an interface that a user could figure out just by playing with it– there's seldom any point in including instructions, since no one reads them anyway!

For me, the highlight was getting the corporate folks to interact with an iPad controlled world map that played videos when you rolled over locations of Epson’s corporate headquarters. I don’t often get to write custom software for purely corporate events, so this was a lot of fun!

This is the interface for the interactive globe, using TouchOSC interface for iPad. With this the presenters can control the globe rotation, size, background color, as well as video playback.

As always, the challenge was to make an interface that a user completely unfamiliar with the system could figure out by playing with it– no amount of instructions help with UI, since no one reads them anyway.