Bubbletown Video Show at Quarantine Relief-o-Rama

In July of 2020 we teamed up with Tanforan Shell to produce the Bubbletown Video Show, a mixed-reality video installation featuring artists from all over the world.

During this event Tanforan Shell transformed into a stage with sea horses and Neptune (compliments of Props2c) for live music to prevail in a live-venue-allergic era of Covid-19. The rooftop music series is called Hardly Unlikely and features various bands all throughout July.

Tanforan Shell is a social impact business that donates 15% to Covid-19 response efforts, San Bruno schools, the arts, orphanages and other humanitarian projects. They have raised over $350K for social impact causes.

3-Story High Pinball at the Nuovo Cinema Aquilla

Video mapping a pinball game over the facade of the Nuovo Cinema Aquila in Rome, Italy, for the LPM Festival 2015. Programming: Box2D Physics engine to Processing to Resolume, OSC triggers video cues on physics interaction.

All the pinball bumpers, flippers, and gutters were mapped to the actual architecture of the theatre-- when the ball hits windows or walls it launches lightning bolts all around the building that map to the detail of the facade.

Music: “Night” from Lost Themes by John Carpenter.

Teaser Trailer for ROCKAGE 2.0

Teaser trailer for Rockage 2015, a 3-day music and retro gaming festival in San Jose. We were tasked with handling video from multiple VJs, each with their own content and format challenges, and to service the occasional performer that had their own visuals they wanted to throw into the mix.

We also provided the visuals for The Megas (https://vimeo.com/119317907) and MegaRan (https://vimeo.com/119604758) which was a ton of fun!

You'll notice that none other than JCVD himself has a starring role in this teaser-- he graciously contributed through the Funny or Die Jean Claude Van Damme "Make My Movie Challenge" since we needed someone to kick the cats that shoot laser beams out of their eyes. And the giant bees.

KCRW Masquerade Ball

Video mixing for Dan Wilcox’s set at the KCRW Masquerade Ball in 2013. This is the first time with an Alienware rig with multi video output– 3096×1924 across two 5k (supposedly– more like 2.5k) projectors.

We were even able to do some feedback loops and live screencaps without any dropped frames.

Lila Downs Tour Visuals

This is a gig we did for the Lila Downs fall tour. It was super fun, the crew and team was amazing, and everyone was a blast to work with!

This was different than the standard EDM visuals gig where you can see the drop coming from about 10 minutes away... since all the songs were around 3-5 minutes, working with the Lighting Designer (what’s up Enrique!) to get the cues down between songs was crucial!