Skecher’s Quiggly Dash

This project is a mobile-enabled “running game” to promote the “GoRun” line of running shoes for Skechers. It was intended to be released with the “Mr Quiggly” superbowl ad by the Siltanen & Partners agency, which ranked 3rd “most liked” superbowl commercial of 2012. It has powerups that allow the player to run faster/jump higher, and links to a store locator (naturally) and leaderboards, and it was created using the ImpactJS HTML5 engine, which allowed me to easily port it to iPad, iPhone, Android, and browser-based platforms.



PresenTweetion for iPad PresenTweetion is a customizable presentation viewer for Twitter® designed to be used for events such as trade shows, corporate events, or music festivals. To use PresenTweetion, simply type in a keyword and it will display all related Tweets in presentation view.

This app is specifically built for use wherever you want to be able to display the social media reach of your brand without the clutter of a typical Twitter® client.

It displays results full screen at 1024×768 with no navigation bar or control bars for an elegant and clean look, and with a iPad to HDMI or VGA adapter can be sent to any video projector or external monitor(s) that your iDevice supports. Check your iDevice’s documentation for information on its output resolution.

Shake, Rattle and Glow

This is a game made for MolyJam 2012, a 48 hour game jam hosted by Magic Pixel games in Culver city. Programming by Eric Medine and Jessica Kim, art by Joshua Harris and Cat Sze. You have to progress thru the level, using radiation to open doors, find secrets, and kill enemies. Super fun to build and not so tough to program– we used the Box2D engine so we could easily do multiple levels… except we ran out of time before we got to make more levels!