Social Media User Tracker

This is a data visualization application for the Panda Express "fast-casual" restaurant chain.

In conjunction with mobile and social media-based games that engage current and new customers, it receives gameplay and user behavior data to build a profile of the "Panda Customer".For instance, most of these games were launched with promotional items or coupon giveaways that could only be accessed through the game. This allowed the client to monitor the exact clickthrough rates for each promotion, and cross-reference with the user's real-world location, browsing data, and Facebook profile.

Visual Touch Therapy

VISUAL TOUCH THERAPY is a browser-based game that uses the Leap Motion gesture controller as an affordable, at-home therapy regimen for people with difficulty using their motor skills, such as those with spinal cord injuries, head injuries, nerve damage, or stroke patients. It features conventional video game challenges that can be overcome by using repetitive movement exercises to provide a method of therapy that (unlike exercise) is constantly rewarding, and gives more immediate feedback than traditional methods. It was built using the ImpactJS game engine with a ton of crazy Javascript and JQuery tweaks. You can check it out here:

TouchVisualizer for iPad

Touchscreen visualizer demo for iPad, uses ProcessingJS for the animation and jQuery mobile for the interface. You can control the "gravity" of the circles (they can attract or repel towards a central point), the colors, the number of spawns, etc as well as the amplitude, height, and color of the sine wave.

Our ultimate goal was to have this be an open-ended platform where you can upload your own visuals and they are controlled by the interface, but the iPad platform tends to be hostile to community-based and open source projects.

Epson Planet

EPSON PLANET is a Java/Processing software app that features an interactive 3D globe with geolocated hot spots that play video or display images. It was used in a staging, video, and interactive presentation setup for Epson’s annual sales meeting.

The application was synched to a custom iPad interface that controlled the globe rotation, size, background color, as well as video playback. As always, the challenge was to make an interface that a user could figure out just by playing with it– there's seldom any point in including instructions, since no one reads them anyway!

For me, the highlight was getting the corporate folks to interact with an iPad controlled world map that played videos when you rolled over locations of Epson’s corporate headquarters. I don’t often get to write custom software for purely corporate events, so this was a lot of fun!

This is the interface for the interactive globe, using TouchOSC interface for iPad. With this the presenters can control the globe rotation, size, background color, as well as video playback.

As always, the challenge was to make an interface that a user completely unfamiliar with the system could figure out by playing with it– no amount of instructions help with UI, since no one reads them anyway.

Youtube Player “Legacy Sculpture” for Resolume

Now you can relive those exhilarating years when YouTube ran .FLA files, and you could build a video mixer in Adobe Flash! This sculpture (red-gold leaf, laser cut acrylic, wood) commemorates the time when running YouTube videos out of Resolume was a thing you could do.

Alas, Flash is dead and YouTube is locked down. But you can still relive those glory days while you gaze fondly on the "YouTube Player Legacy Sculpture", a shiny A4 (8.27 x 11.69 inches) wall sculpture.

It features the iconic 2010's YouTube logo with color bars, and the actual code used to write a YouTube mixer on the back. In addition, you get a download of the original FLA and .AS files to help you take that stroll down memory lane!

From the original product listing: "The YouTube player for Resolume lets you use all your favorite Resolume effects! Layer any footage and apply blends, masks, alphas, RGB channels, resizes, color correction, and more. All timeline functions are linked to the Resolume dashboard, so you can use the native UI sliders or the MIDI hardware of your choice to play, pause, set in/out points, scrub the timeline, or adjust the volume of your YouTube video live! Use the in/outpoints to create a seamless loop of any video you chose."

"YouTube Player" Legacy Sculpture with YouTube Player Plug-in: $250.00




As of 2/01/2016 YouTube has removed video service from the API, rendering the plugin unable to load video paths. For this reason, TenTon Raygun is unable to guarantee support for this plugin.